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Due to Covid restrcitions we will remain closed until the next 
Monday 1st of March!
However, you may make appointments for any time after that date.
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All our staff is highly qualified, skilled and experienced, ensuring a high level of expertise!

All of our Masseuses are exclusively of Thai origin, training and licensing. 

After more than a decade of experience on the field we ensure the highest levels of performance and skill !

A Brief History Of Who We Are :











Welcome to The Royal Thai Massage Centre. Glance through our site and enjoy our unique Massage Centre & Ointment Store, established in Albir town since 2016. 

Historically, the founder of the Traditional Thai Massage, which is still known nowadays as ''The Father of Medicine," created what we call 'Traditional Thai Massage' today. He was Born in India during the time of the 'Buddha' some 2500 years ago and is noted in ancient documents for his extraordinary medical skills, knowledge of herbal medicine and for having treated important people at the time, including the Royal Thai family, hence the term "Royal'' Traditional Thai massage. This method focuses on the healing of affected areas instead of a soothing, soft and relaxing Massages usually performed in western countries. Our passion for the maintenance of such valuable skills drives us to spread and perform these treatments as physicians to offer it's benefits to our guests whom may benefit from it .

Our Masseuses will introduce you and recommend you the different types of massages, techniques and treatments, guiding and advising you according to your best needs and personal aims. We deliver and provide your relaxation, ensuring any possible previous 'non-medical' pains or physical unbalances will be noticeably or fully relieved.

 Our  Massage Centre is very cosy and relaxing with fully equipped commodities and services such as: Air conditioned rooms, disabled access ramps and adapted toilet, hot & cold drinking water dispenser, guaranteed public parking spaces at max 200 m from our centre, multilingual massage menus, free Wi-fi access, card payment P.O.S, gift vouchers and is fully decorated with traditional Thai style ornaments. Our staff is exclusively Thai, highly skilled and experience in the field, and have a friendly, welcoming and open hearted personality.

We strictly maintain the highest levels of hygiene including the use of sanitary utensils, disinfecting and washing all beds and covers after every use and providing guests with sterile one-use undergarments during every massage.

If you´d like to try out our massage ointments, living out the benefits of the the Thai balms for muscular contractions, overexertion, tensions and nerve pain relief cases by applying it on oneself, glance through our ointments store section onsite, where you can acquire balms and souvenirs from a selection of imported items at reasonable prices.

We also sell imported staple Thai food products that are essential to any Thai kitchens for the preparation of any traditional Thai dish no matter which one! 

To further orient you about our performance, we encourage our customers to kindly leave their feedback and comments of their experience with us after their Massages as you can see on the customer feedback page above and on any Social Media platforms, leaving this way, an emotional imprint of their experience, for future guests to orient themselves using first hand information as reference and to set customer pre-expectations  based on our performance standards.

We hope you have received a general understanding and an feeling of whom we are and get a sense of the soothing atmosphere we evoke.

Thank you for trusting us on delivering you the unmatchable experience of a professionally delivered Traditional Thai Massage! We're sure you'll enjoy the wonderful feeling they provide to all guests.

We Hope you live an Unforgettable Experience!


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