Massages & Treatments Price List 2024:

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient therapy that usually uses no oils or lotions. This massage is not so soft and relaxing but rather one where rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked. The legs and feet and/or elbows of the giver can be used to position the body or limbs of the recipient. This massage includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body including pulling fingers, toes, cracking knuckles, walking on the recipient's back  and moving the recipient's body into many different positions, depending on the recipients tolerance and preferances.

60 Mins- 60€ / 90 Mins - 85€

Thai Massage with oil is an invigorating, rhythmic massage which follows the style of Traditional Thai massage but specifically works to stimulate the flow of energy and unblock meridian lines so that the body can rebalance and clear negative energy and fully recharge itself. This massage is a perfect adaptation for western recipients and also 
increases flexibility, relaxation, reduce stress, releases blocked energy and tension. This is option for those who seek a sturdy masage but not as intense as the traditional Thai Massage since the oil eases the feeling and relaxes the recipient in a more muscular way. 

 30 Mins -30€ / 60Mins- 55€   90 Mins - 80€

Aromatic oil massages slightly vary, from the selection of oils and applied pressures, to the the area/s massaged. The main characteristic of this type of massage is the softness, soothingness, relaxment and freshness and at the same time the recipient benefits from the healing effects and benefits of such oils. It is performed with room temperature oils, pre-selected by the guest. This is one of the most common choices amongst our guests, for it generally provides the desired rejuvenating and calming results they desire. All the oil choices to select are based on natural Thai flower based oils.  

30 Mins - 35€  / 60 Mins- 55€ 90 Mins - 80€

Ayurvedic massage is a treatment  protocol that helps break and remove toxins from the body. This type of massage is a deep tissue massage originated in India which has been adapted by Thai physicians due to it's profound properties. It is performed with hot oil for further penetration and deeper detoxifying benefits. This is a dynamic and expansive experience which alleviates tensions and cleanses the anatomy by purifying and promoting better blood flow and circulation.

30 Mins - 35€  / 60 Mins- 55€  90 Mins - 80€

Hot coconut oil massage is a deep pressure therapy. This oil has a high concentration of medium-chain fatty acids, which is a great choice for massaging. It penetrates into the skin perfectly, and is used as a treatment for stretch marks and as a moisturizer for this reason. This oil is easily absorbed by the body  and also has a lot of vitamins such as vitamin E, which is known to be nourishing and healthy for the skin, also loosening up all those tensions being carried in muscles and any muscle knots in the tissue.

30 Mins - 35€  / 60 Mins- 60€  90 Mins - 85€

Aloe Vera gel provides brilliant health benefits for the skin and is good for treating skin burns, wounds and scalp conditions. Aloe Vera gel has been identified to be an excellent carrier. It penetrates deep into the skin layers quickly. This makes it a wonderful carrier for massage therapy.  It can carry other products into the skin quite fast, like essential oils. Aloe Vera gel is a brilliant moisturiser, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial plant that works wonders instantly providing  amazing skin relief.   

30 Mins - 40 €  / 60 Mins- 65€  90 Mins - 90€

Back, Neck & Shoulders & Head Massage
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This specific areas massage is a combined selection of the most frequently asked areas to be required by the majority of all guests.
Generally these areas are the most likely to be  solicitated by guests affected by common movements, bad sleep nights and sport related pains. During  this treatment Ointments and Balms are used to aid and further relax those tightened areas and assist on softening the areas. A very common choice amongst all guests and an easy option to select in case of any doubts at the time of selecting a specific type of treatment!

30 Mins- 35€  60 Mins - 55€

Sports Massage is a perfect choice for treating specific muscle groups. Its designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery. There are two contexts in which sports massage can be useful to an athlete, these being, Pre-event, preparing the muscles and joints for athletic activity and Post-event techniques for athletes aimed at helping in recovery from the stress and strain associated with athletics. Our Sport massages are firm, deep and a higher strenght is applied, specially appropriate for muscular Sports people or for the sturdy massage lovers in general!  

30 Mins - 40€  / 60 Mins- 60€  90 Mins - 90€

This type of massage is a beauty treatment where the recipient benefits from an array of attributes such as helping smoothen the skin, reducing the appearance of dark spots or age spots, minimizes the appearance of large pores, allows moisturizers to work better, helps preventing ingrown hairs, makes hair removal easier and smooths razor bumps, together with exfoliating and eliminating accumulated dead skin cells in an effective and soothing way. Typically facial scrubs are the most common self performed scrubs amongst people due to the constant visible exposure. 

30 Mins - 40€  / 60 Mins- 55€  90 Mins - 90€

Hot stone massage therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism. Each hot stone massage therapy session promotes deepe muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body. Our massage therapists also incorporate a customized massage, with the use of hot stones which offers enhanced benefits. The premise behind this therapy is that it allows the therapist access to their deeper muscle layers. A Combination of a full body massage and the hot stones placed in specific points provide a healing and effective experience. The hot stones also expand blood vessels, which encourage blood flow throughout the body. The natural components of hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

 90 Mins - 95€

Herbal Hot compresses sooth aching muscles and stiff joints and since the motions are gentle they are appropriate for tender or sore parts of the body. They also represent a great alternative to acupressure, since it stimulates the same points of the body. Herbal Ball Compresses are known for their healing properties since they improve blood circulation and stimulate the internal organs while the heat dilates blood vessels also increasing the blood and oxygen circulation in the body. The herbs used in the compresses have different and specific benefits, Ginger, to treat digestive disorders and allergies, Lemongrass and kaffir Lime boost the immune system, Jasmine has anti- spasms depressive effects and Turmeric is an anti-bacterial that will heal skin infections and lesions. The Herbal Compression  Balls are of Thai creation and are used since ancient times.
* ´´Herbal Compress Balls´´, also available for sale in our store...

 90 Mins - 90€

Four-handed massage is a massage where two masseuses work on the recipient at the same time, mirroring each others movements. For example, both your legs, arms or back are massaged at the same time or one therapist works on the right side of your back while the other works on the left. The four-handed massage feels like you are completely submerged in a wholistic flying like sensation and it can be quite an unexplainably intriguing experience. To synchronize, one therapist takes the lead and the other follows. Having  four hands pressing on you simultaneously with similar styles and pressures that have worked together before is the key to this unique and uncommon treat to the majority of guests. Submerge yourself in the delightful experience of receiving a full body renovative experiece, performed with a high technique by our wondeful masseuses! Our best real ancient Royal treat!

 60 Mins - 100€

Reflexology is an alternative medicine therapy involving the application of specific pressure points to the feet through with the aid of specific tools, thumbs, fingers, and hand techniques. It is performed with a specific mixture of combined oils, lotions and balms. It is based on a system of specific pressure points that purposely reflect and connect with the internal organs of the body through these trigger points of the feet. The premise is that such points re-balance and improve the organs through the physical connections between these meridians of the body and the organ. 

 30 Mins- 35€  60 Mins - 55€

This option is a refreshing and soothing feet treatment commencing with a pedicure, which includes: Cutting and filing of the nails, then the feet are dipped and soaked in lukewarm water to soften the skin and then scrubbed with special foot spa salts to cleanse the skin by removing bacteria and removing layers of unwanted dead skin. After the cuticles around the nails beds are cut uniformly finishing with nail painting out of which the guests choose from out of wide choice of colours. To finish the procedure a foot cream is applied to soften the skin guaranteeing best results to this Spa treat!

30 Mins - 30€ 

This treatment starts by softening the hard calluses and hardened skin of the foot soul by means  dampened cotton buds soaked in specialised skin softening foot acids and left for around ten minutes, then a pumice stone or sharpened tools and sometimes blades are used in the hardened areas to file the dead skin if necessary. After that salts are scrubbed to further soften the area and exfoliate more subtly. Finally the feet are washed in warm water and a final cream lotion is applied to the area. Foot care can prevent foot pains and are regularly necessary to those affected by calluses.

20 / 30 Mins - 35€

This treatment follows the same steps as our Foot Spa but on the hands. It includes, Cutting and filing of the nails, then the feet are placed in lukewarm water to soften, then they are scrubbed with spa salts to cleanse the skin by removing layers of unwanted dead skin a bacteria. After the cuticles around the nails are cut uniformly, finishing with nail painting which the guest chooses from out of wide choice of 50 + colours. Finally a foot cream is applied to soften the skin. Finally an optional rose water spray, with a wonderful scent is applied.

30 Mins - 30€  

Nail painting and Nail paint removal is a commonly selected option for those who have have difficulties with the necessary flexibility to bend down, for those with vision problems or have unsteady hands. The Recipient chooses their desired colour from a large variety of more than fifty tones, from dark tints to clear tones and even 'fluorescents' for the more adventurous guests! 
This is a good option to combine with any leg or feet treatment, to finalize with a lasting result and visual beauty. 

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Waxing Body Areas
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Our Body Waxing Protocol and Preparation for the body waxing is simple. Before beginning the procedure warm water is used to wash and cleanse the area to be waxed, the skin is then patted down dry with a towel. Then, hot liquid wax is applied to the area to be waxed as pressure is applied to accommodate the wax and adhere it to the skin, the hot temperature of the wax opens she skin pores facilitating the release of the full hair. A final cream layer is applied to alleviate aches, and seal the skin whilst also closing the pores.

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