Thai Mini Mart 

A modest but equipped Thai food section incorporated to our Center since 2019 for the Thai food lovers and guests to further deepen their 'Thai experience', a unique store with staple and rare specific Thai brand products not found on any market...

Fresh Thai Vegetables

Our fresh Thai vegetables are sourced locally, personally selected and handpicked by native experienced local Thai farmers. Vegetables are sold per weight and are packed in 250g sealed bags for ease and comfort. The following are a selection of some of our featured vegetable items:

 * ( Certain products are available depending on seasonality, distributer availability and stock abundance ) 

Rices & Noodles

A quick and limited glance at some of our Rices and Noodles, a key ingredient that provides the base to most Thai dishes...

Preserved Foods

Imported jarred, canned and packed Thai food products, essential to most dishes...


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